Your unique project deserves a unique approach. Electrical services are at the heart of what we do. Our experience enables us to tailor-make designs for projects and provides accurate pricing too. At Peek, we are experts in value management.

We love to make our clients days easier, so we’ve mastered the ability to jump in, handle the management and optimize existing designs and ongoing projects. Also, we are dedicated to fitting your budget and delivering innovative solutions for your needs. As a client, you will benefit from our crystal-clear pricing and detailed cost estimates. Are you a small or large-scale electrical contractor?
Builder, project manager, quantity surveyor (QS) or developer? Tap into our expertise and services. We’re ready to take your business to the next level.

01. Electrical

As an electrical contractor do you need an estimate for a brand-new project? Or as a builder do you need neat, realistic pricing and a way to reduce risks? We create estimates for all kinds of electrical projects whether they are at a grassroots level or large-scale.

Our in-house estimators can guarantee fine-tuned estimates and accurate pricing solutions.

Peek’s team are specialized in design and construction from large hospitals to sporting halls, so we’re used to delivering preliminary designs with solid cost and time forecast too.

Our electrical installation estimations are sharp. They incorporate the true cost of the supply, the duration of the installation and a risk assessment. Each of those aspects combined are what enable us to deliver exact and clear pricing.

All of our estimating services are a blend of meticulous groundwork, strong electrical expertise, field experience and risk management. For the duration of your project, we apply a strict methodology, meticulous attention to detail and military discipline to ensure our collaboration is a huge success.

We combine our unique services. Electrical design, electrical estimating, consulting, and value management are when we combine for optimum results.

02. Electrical

Thanks to five decades of hands-on experience and a sharp understanding of the sector, our expertise allows us to work with you for the duration of your project. From inception to completion, we adapt, rethink, amend and improve your electrical designs. Because as experts in value management, we’ve mastered the optimization of existing designs and ongoing projects.

We base our electrical engineering approach on a combination of knowledge, technology, vision, and field experience.

From sports lighting, commercial, residential, health, retail, and industrial projects our electrical engineering experience enables us to come up with unique solutions, bespoke designs, and incredibly accurate pricing solutions.

Our areas of expertise include engineering, electrical design, budget estimation, project management and building services. When you combine our unique services, you’ll get the best results.

Peek’s electrical engineering expertise covers the following tasks and topics:

01. Design and documentation
02. Design certification of D&C projects
03. Power distribution design
04. Switchboard design
05. Embedded Networks
06. Standby power systems
07. Authority Application management.
08. Private metering and demand logging
09. Indoor Lighting Design
10. Exterior, public space and roadway lighting design
11. Sports field lighting
12. Computer modelling and visualisation
13. Lighting efficiency audits
14. Lighting control
15. Centralised lighting controls systems

01. Access Control
02. Video surveillance
03. Intercom
04. Structure voice and data systems
05. Distributed antenna systems
06. Home Automation
07. Lightning risk assessments

Clients rely on us for projects of varying sizes across a broad range of sectors. From sports lighting, commercial, residential, and health, to retail and industrial. We are trusted from inception to completion across Australia.

03. Project

Our solid understanding of electrical design and its implementation enables us to ensure that you and your project get the full benefit of our decades of experience. Accountability, experience, and strict methodologies are what makes us valuable partners at every stage of a project. We connect all the dots.

From labour forecasting to financial evaluation, from administrative management to cost monitoring, we are by your side to ease the burden on you and guarantee a top-end quality and methodology in the process.

We’ve been trained by the best. With Tier 1 background and consulting experience we bring our process, documentation, and risk management solutions to your project. If you feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day, we’re here to support you with that too.

Specialisation: Design and Construct

The Peek team is also dedicated to your project’s electrical installation process. With a particular focus on quality control, labour forecasting, varied pricing solutions, and material procurement, whether you are a small or large-scale electrical contractor.

We collaborate withs Builders / Developer. Our team is there to support you from the tender preparation to the construction stage. 

Preliminary drawings or red pen mark-ups to issue electrical contractors to tender off
Advice on electrical contractor submissions
Accurate electrical pricing to base your submission off
We also provide, value management options to set you apart from the pack

Take the the preliminary drawings through to construction with form 15 signoffs
Projects designed to a specific budget and provide value management options as required

We also collaborate with electrical contractors. From the tender preparation to the construction stage, Peek’s team is dedicated to supporting you.

Red pen mark-ups or preliminary drawings to base on your estimation
Professional, detailed, and accurate tender submission which can be submitted to your clients
Value management options to set you apart from the pack

Preliminary drawings and take them through to construction with form 15 signoffs
Harmonization of the electrical design and estimating services with your tender allowances
Optimize existing designs, value management options and ongoing projects

Value Management

We’re experts in value management. Plus, we’ve mastered the ability to optimize existing designs and jump into ongoing projects.
By having a view across design, the estimation process through to project management we provide consistency in the implementation of our solutions. We also provide a stronger approach to value management.

Tap into our expertise and services to take your business to the next level.