Peek Estimating + Design is Brisbane’s most reputable electrical estimation, project management and consulting firm.

With over five decades of experience in the electrical industry, our reputation in the wider Brisbane region has grown significantly and our brand is long associated with exceptional quality. We’ve helped small and large-scale electrical contractors deliver highly accurate electrical estimations, manage electrical projects with utmost efficiency, and scale and improve their business with our consulting services.

The value we bring to our clients is multifaceted. For contractors, we offer convenience by taking all the additional non-labour work involved in a project off their hands. Contractors who lack high-level electrical estimating knowledge can enlist our services and pursue larger, more complex projects, as we significantly minimise the risk of mistakes in contract bids.

We help to remove the barriers which prevent contractors from growing their business and free them up to focus on what they do best.

Our team is made up of experts with various electrical backgrounds, from career starts in electrical engineering to electrical apprenticeships. Collectively, we have the practical and high-level professional knowledge to cater to contractors from all walks of life.

Our mission is to educate the industry on completing electrical projects in the best way possible. We believe things should be done correctly the first time and always to the highest standard.